A creative adventure for advanced speakers with a passion for reading and writing.

If you enjoy writing, what’s better than doing it in more than one language?

Let’s open new possibilities, new channels, new perspectives.

Let’s draw inspiration from established writers and produce our own Flash Stories.

We will start close to home and move further away. Week after week, we will expand our horizon and hone our language skills. No matter how good we are, writing is a craft that needs to be practiced.

This course takes place in a Closed Facebook Group, where a lesson will be posted every Wednesday at about 6 p.m. Thereafter we will have one week to write our short story – maximum 30 lines – and, if we feel like it, read and comment on each other’s stories.

Fee: 45 euros
We start on Wednesday, 6th April and continue for six weeks (till the end of April). This course will be facilitated by Simona Mosala, our bilingual English Coach and Holden creative writing graduate.

What are you waiting for? Join this group for information and/or participating: https://www.facebook.com/groups/3489475941180807

Send a message to Colori Vivaci Magazine or a Whatsapp to 347 87 27150 (Annalisa for registration), or to 338 9029958 (Simona for content).
🇬🇧 How advanced must l be?
IngleseVivace courses stimulate Creativity and Imagination. Our proposal is an experience not a conventional course. You must be able to easily READ and WRITE.
📝 I use English at work mainly for technical reports and communication, will this experience help me?
Yes, it will improve your writing. And give you new ideas, that will make your reports sharper.
❌ Will you correct mistakes?
Yes, l will. Without cramping your style. I will correct obvious mistakes. If a sentence is wobbly, l will suggest alternatives and give explanations.
🔡 Will we look at grammar and structure?
Yes, but indirectly. I will offer grammar/structure Tips, based on what comes out through our stories.
📚 Do we have to do a lot of reading for this course?
No, you will write your 30 lines story on the topic proposed and with the criteria l will set each week. I will make reference to writers that you can read only if you wish. Probably you have already read some of them.

If you understood what I wrote, you will enjoy this creative writing experience 😊.

Picture: “Luigi Ghirri Salzburg 1975”

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